Saturday, January 30, 2010

Got it Bad

This little girl has got it bad. The art bug. She can't contain it. She starts every day, I mean every single day with about an hour of markers and coloring books...quiet and content, and is usually back into them on and off all day. She is the kid that finished coloring books, and asks for new ones cause they are full. Pictures are taped to every wall and door in the house, and of course, her ideas occasionally find their expression applied to actual walls, doors, windows, bedding, window casings, and mom's favorite, the epidermis, lips, and teeth. At any rate, part of me is so excited to have another artist in the house and for all the fun well have together appreciating the visual esthetic of so many beautiful things. The other part totes a tool belt with a razor blade, goo gone, magic eraser, and touch up paint at all times.

I haven't scraped this one off yet though...I found this to welcome me home on our back door when I arrived from Denver last night. This is what Stellas mind does when she gets a hold of a $30.00 roll of my white drafting tape. I'd say every penny well spent.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nothing Wrong With That

Came up on this photo of my dad, (not sure what year) as I was searching desperately this afternoon for an old e-mail. Those of you who know the kid in the video below would swear that someone dressed him up, stood him in front of an old car, and took a grainy b/w photo with some iphone app. Amazing, kid looks JUST LIKE his grandpa at about the same age...and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.